Monday, November 26, 2018

Is the climate changing?

I pulled this from a collection of quotes I keep.  Regardless of one's particular feelings or political leanings on the topic, it's a logical, non-judgemental reason to maintain course and do all we can to prepare for the changing future of our world:

"Since we can work here, if we insist, on geological time, we can always say that more and better data is needed. But there again, if we risk losing a large chunk of humanity while we conclude a few centuries of fieldwork, that is a high price to pay for reliable data. It may be more prudent to proceed on guesswork, and to guess that we should probably do something to guard against a worst-case outcome, if... scientists say that that is where we are currently heading, and if the measures needed to combat climate change (also provide benefits in other ways)."

-- from “A Freudian approach to climate change” in The Economist, February 14, 2007

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