Friday, November 8, 2013

Location is Everything

Where to build? vs. How to Build? 

As the table shows, building in an unaffected area is the best option for most natural hazards and will be a major part of the discussion here—particularly how those location preferences are encouraged (financially) or, if need be, enforced (legally, politically).

When that just isn’t possible (e.g., earthquakes, where there is quite often no “safe” location, at least on a macro scale), research continues into a variety of design solutions intended to help reduce the potential for damage and/or injury during a natural event.  Here are links to a few examples (from non-commercial sources) just to get the conversation going:

And another

The question of "What to build to be safe?" is definitely being answered. But these solutions don't come free.  And the best solution may be a question of "Where to build?"  So the conversation continues.

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